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In 'So Many' Words

Be the change you wish to see.

Seven words. One sentence. It says a great deal, telling a story of what you should strive to achieve.

That's marketing, well copywriting, in a nutshell. Get to the point. Say it in the least amount of words possible, and get the attention of your audience. I. Love. This. I am truly excited over words and how they work.

I authored a novel in 2014. That was an entirely different ballgame. The goal there was to describe every detail, build the characters, immerse readers and tell a story. Of course, no one wants an author to ramble on for hundreds of pages with nothing exciting to say. However, marketing in this world of ecommerce, AI tech, SAAS and the dawn of the Metaverse, I have a job to do. Who is my audience? Headline, hook and call-to-action in as few words as possible.

If you only had 'so many' words you were allowed to use, how would you say the following:

  • Tell a loved one what they mean to you.

  • Share the details of your day.

  • Explain your restaurant experience.

  • Say something interesting to a group of colleagues.

  • Start an icebreaker conversation.

The above may be theoretical for this blog, but it's the type of challenges I face constantly. What could be cut out entirely? What power words could I utilize?

Creativity is unlimited. Words possess power. Feeling is invoked in the minimal.

That's all there is to it.

In so many words, I am the change that I wish to see in my world. Every day I strive for positive change. This is only the beginning. How about you?

Now, go out and say something meaningful. Do something you care about. Be your own change in the world. Do it in as little words as possible. I challenge you.


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