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Time & Space

As I type this very sentence, I am reminded of the reason I came up with this blog in the first place. At the end of a long day, filled with children’s laughter and whines, fulfilling household needs, keeping the pets happy, taking care of necessary work tasks, and trying to balance my state of well-being, it all becomes a prominent point.

Last week, I took a business trip. The company I work with sent me to a huge conference in Las Vegas. I thought to myself that it would be an amazing learning experience, and it

was. I figured that I would get some much-needed quiet time in my own head, which I did, and had some fun, too. I also thought that I would have a ton of free time to read, write and get some things checked off my list on my laptop. That last part did not happen.

It led me to think more about our time and how we use it. It’s not always up to us, completely. Much of my days are spent in a creative balancing act of meaningful thought-work in marketing, running a business, managing a home, keeping up with the farm and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Literally, everyone in my care needs to be thriving. And I love it. Due to this routine though, I thought if I removed myself from the situation, I would have a ton of time on my hands. Then, I could read more of the current book I’m into, take care of more brainstorming work, get ahead in strategic planning, and heck, even write this blog.

However, when it came to it, that extra time filled up with other things while away. I took advantage of special dinners and sightseeing, I was on the phone more with those I loved, and I still needed to fulfill my obligations of being on a work trip. There was a huge lesson to be learned here.

How do we fill our days? I know even more now that I’m happy with those I care for and how I get to spend 24 hours each day of my life. I think that’s it. That’s the point. It’s not about gaining more time for us, even though that’d be nice. It’s about being content with the time spent on those we love because if we find ourselves with extra time, it may not be available as free time. It would quickly be stolen by other “stuff.”

I also have learned the value of friendships recently. There is more depth to life having more interesting people in it. I have never felt more comfortable being me, and being surrounded by people who appreciate that. It’s a super amazing time in my life as I realize all these things and I pay attention to every detail.

Each of us has something to offer as individuals. I don’t think I ever truly grasped that concept either. I have always been a part of a community and felt that I was welcome. But now, I can see the way that each thing I do weaves into the fabric of my surroundings and builds my story even further.

Being present in this moment, right now and sharing these experiences is what it’s all about. Time and space come together in perfect harmony.

I leave you with this question: How will you choose to fill your time and space in this life?


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