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Traditions, Memories, Family & Faith

What if we said out loud what we really wanted in life?

What if we focused on the positive and how we could be better versions of ourselves?

What if we were able to ask for help?

What if we knew the future? We knew that everything would be alright, so we worried less and had more clarity.

What if we had more faith, and prayed more?

What would happen then?

The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. Not only for the abundance of celebration and eager children, but because the memories made now seem to be more lasting. It’s a time for reflection on the year, as it comes to a close.

This year, I am more in tune with the needs of my soul. I feel more accomplished, and that feeling led me to hone on traditions. New and old, I wanted the holidays to incorporate what was meaningful to me and my family. The things that brought the most joy. This includes specific dishes, made from recipes of family members. It’s singing songs that bring back colorful memories from the best times of our lives. It’s also about gatherings that add to the festive feeling inside. Let’s not forget the scents of the season. The aromas of baking, mixed with pine boughs and peppermint goodness. I want to savor all of these elements. It will always be this archive in our memories that we can recall any time of the year, any year into the future. We can always bring back this feeling and smile.

Last year at this time, I wouldn’t write. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m not sure if I was stifling myself because I was frustrated with the situation I found myself in, but my creativity was gone. I would exercise and enjoy yoga. I would read books from my favorite authors, but I suffered a block in my inspiration. Even my loving family, who were all amazing, couldn’t unlock this for me. However, my parents did give me a journal for my birthday last year and I treasured the thought of it. I looked at it each day for one month without putting anything on the pages. Then, on January 9, 2022, I started my first entry. I wrote in it one or two times each week, all year.

Fast forward to now, I have been reading it over and it brought me to this post. Transforming your routine and finding your path in life, personally and professionally (because they are intertwined no matter what you tell yourself), is not an easy road, but it is not impossible. For me, it took confidence in myself, motivation of family and our goals, feeling happiness within and faith that I was doing what I was meant to do.

Would this formula be the same for everyone? Most likely, yes. Why am I sharing these things? I feel compelled because life is hard. The daily grind wears us down. I need to remind myself of the good things everyday. However, I truly feel peace and a childlike excitement when I start a new day because possibilities are always there, and new adventures are always beginning.

This year, when the clock turns to midnight on New Year’s Eve and 2023 begins, I can look back on this year with many emotions for all that was, and from the best of moments, to the sad ones too, the most powerful feeling of all will be love.

I wish you all a magical holiday, filled with love, family, friends and faith – no matter what you celebrate – and I wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year.


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