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Create Yourself

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

– George Bernard Shaw

We spend most of our lives looking for a magic formula or something that will assure us that we have finally landed in the successful place that we were meant to be. I’m not an expert but I enjoy sharing my experiences with you when it comes to life, professional and personal. Once again, inspiration struck from a quote I read.

I’m 43-years-old and have only just realized within the last year that you can continue to discover things about your personality, your goals and who you really are as a human. Those things are constantly changing as we grow. However, there is one huge piece of this that everyone is missing when they are out there trying to find themselves. We can create who we want to be – the person we would be most proud of when we look back at this time.

Some elements of who we want to create will be our biggest challenges, but that’s the point. We may get nervous about change or feel anxiety when it comes to aspects of our career. That shouldn’t hold us back from our full potential. It's then that we will be truly satisfied and find an inner joy that we haven’t experienced before.

Here’s an exercise in visualization that I suggest you try:

1. Picture your ideal day. What’s in it? What are you doing?

2. Now, think of what you need to do to reach that amazing day. Will it take saving money, saving time, or changing your routine?

3. Next, think about your career. Most of our time is spent working. Is there anything you can do to make you look forward to your workday? Is there anything you can change to feel more confident within it, and with yourself?

4. Then, think of the people that surround you. What would they say are your best qualities? Do they match what you think, and is it who you want to be?

5. Lastly, what would you want someone to say about you if you won a lifetime achievement award?

This is the framework to start creating your best self.

I never stop learning. I love to absorb new things and I enjoy it when my brain is challenged. That doesn’t mean that it comes easily. I always get nervous when I don’t know something well and can’t predict how long it will take, and if I can produce the best result. In the end, I’m better than before.

This is how it’s supposed to go, I believe.

I’ve also been pushed out of my comfort zone recently with traveling and meeting new people – navigating personal and professional relationships alongside my family life. It taught me more about who I am. I really like being social, experiencing new adventures and juggling the work/life thing. For the first time ever, I am enjoying every aspect of my life. I don’t dread work, or deadlines or meetings. I welcome the challenges.

Additionally, from a family trip earlier this spring, I rediscovered a passion of mine from

when I was much younger, and felt a pull toward my interests, places and things that make me who I am. I felt stronger after that somehow. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience new things.

I am building myself up to be a person that I will look back on in time and say, “Wow, nice going.” I’m getting there, slowly but surely.


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